Similar to the rest of Enghia City, the West End Shopping Center is made up of a mixture of buildings from various eras, all loosely organized around an area of the city's western neighborhoods and connected via skyways or connecting hallways from building to building. The entrance ways are usually crowded with people moving in and out of the doors, shoving past one another in search of the best shops. In particular, the Nicta Mall is the biggest mall in all of Lualdi, and similarly has the widest selection of items available in the region, making it a popular stop for people all across Lualdi.

Stores[edit | edit source]

The Don's TM Shop[edit | edit source]

If there's a TM to be had, it can be bought at The Don's TM Shop. Rumor has it that before infinite-use TMs were developed, The Don illegally pirated most of his stock and made a fortune. Now that TMs only need to be used once, some wonder how long it'll be before The Don finds a new way to skimp out on the cost of restocking his store.

Nomico's Sellbacks[edit | edit source]

Eco Nomico's secondhand goods store allows for customers to sell items they no longer need. Generally speaking, items go for half their retail price at Nomico's Sellbacks, though some items like Large Nuggets have a set retail price. Eco Nomico is notoriously stingy, but there are rumors that he loves a good debate or barter.

Nobody is quite sure where Nomico sells his wares, but he also doesn't ask questions about where someone got an item they're trying to sell. The unspoken agreement is that he won't ask if his customers don't ask.

Riddling's Pokémon Items[edit | edit source]

Riddling's, as it's commonly known, primarily deals in held items for battle. While some items are used as evolutionary items, such as Metal Coats, all of the items sold in this store have a held item use in battle.

Aluvarddi Trainer Supplies[edit | edit source]

From Poké Balls and potions to evolutionary items and status healers, Aluvarddi Trainer Supplies is trusted by trainers throughout Lualdi to supply them with anything they need to take care of their Pokémon. In recent years, they've expanded into having stores in some other cities, but the selection at the West End store is considered the best.

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