In honor of Set Sietsan, the champion of Camani during the Great War, we of Vuldan City represent his Steel-clad defenses, and his Psychic-like foresight in battle.

Steel bars over the windows cast shadows on the iron pillars and white floors throughout the Vuldan City Gym. The comparisons to a prison are apt; the doors and walls are so thickly-built and reinforced with metal that some suspect not even an explosive Electrode could make a dent in them. The Gym is only one round arena room and a basement for holding supplies; the administration of the Gym is handled in an annexed building next door, and very few people other than the Gym Leader even go into the Gym proper. Because of how devoid of people the Gym is, the low rumbling of the building's air conditioning fills the building, as do the solemn, echoing footsteps of anyone inside.

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