The fertile volcanic soil of Camani gives rise to the forest of rainbow-colored trees throughout Vuldan City. Both the leaves and the bark can be almost any color imaginable, and the trees' seeds travel far enough that there are few single-color patches of trees anywhere in the city. Though the trees don't grow higher than fifteen to twenty feet tall, if even that, they occupy virtually every spot in Vuldan City that a building hasn't overtaken. Saplings, when planted, will grow to their full height within a few years. There are no roads in the city, for the trees have the tendency to somehow deposit seeds in even the smallest of cracks in the pavement. In older districts of the city, futile attempts at pavement can be found broken by broad-trunked trees, their roots constricting around the fractured cements to find the soil underneath. Thankfully, there is little need for streetlamps or other forms of lighting throughout Vuldan City; the seed cones of the multicolored trees are florescent, and they light anything beneath or around them with the same colors as the tree that shed them. At night, the trees guide the way wherever residual lights from neon signs and buildings do not.

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