Nestled in the center of Tuttosol are the Vidacca Gardens. The gardens are fed by the runoff water from the city’s elaborate gutter system, collecting rainwater and nourishing the plants within the gardens. Various fruits and berries grow neatly around the gardens, all tended to by the city's best botanists and gardeners. A thick layer of tropic flowers surround the berry bushes, giving the gardens a colorful beauty and making the gardens a popular tourist attraction. Owners of Pokémon also frequent the gardens to pick up one of the natural cures and remedies for their Pokémon, or just to find a delicious fruity snack for their companion.

Vidacca Gardens Gift Shop[edit | edit source]

Berries and items like Energy Roots can be purchased from Vidacca Gardens. While status restoring herbs and hit point-healing berries are equivalent in price to their potion counterparts, all other berries cost 100 spruzzo.

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