In honor of Sol Amacezzi, the champion of Boscuro during the Great War, we of Tuttosol represent her steadfastness, like the Ground, and her Icy, rational judgment even in the heart of danger.

The ceiling of the frigid Tuttosol Gym is stained glass, the colored light producing dazzling designs on the floor that change depending on the angle of the sunlight. When the light hits from the east, the design is that of a person chasing a Togekiss; from directly above, the Togekiss is in the person's arms, rays of light surrounding them, and from the west, the light shows that the Togekiss is gone entirely, the figure's arms empty and reaching towards flowers falling from the sky. The serenity and nuance of the design are hard to see when challenges are ongoing in the Gym, particularly as the dirt battlefield is jagged and craggy from countless destructive battles. The Gym's inner terrain changes often, but only because it's so easily shaped and destroyed.

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