In honor of Stella Coronchi, the champion of Domorto during the Great War, we of Trizzica D'Crocio represent her conquered Darkness, and her courage, surpassing that of any Dragon.

The continued exodus out of Trizzica D'Crocio has taken a toll on its Gym, as many of its maintenance workers left the city for bluer skies long ago. The chrome, dome-shaped ceiling is scratched and dented in several places, the purple and black murals depicting various Dragon and Dark Pokémon are flaking off the walls, and the dividing lines of the battlefield have been in dire need of a fresh coat for weeks. Sometimes, the light fixtures in the Gym flicker and sputter -- even mid-battle. An unobservant person might assume this is simply a roundabout, intentional reference to the Gym having a specialty in Dark-types, but a single thorough look at this rundown Gym makes it clear that it's simply falling apart.

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