Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name ???
Title Disturber of the Peace
Class ???
Born ???
Died ???
Gender Female
Height ~5'06"-5'08"
Weight ~130-145 lbs.
Skin Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Possibly brown
Family ???
Affiliation ???
Values ???

Starstealer is the name given to a criminal that appears to target the Apocalypse Aversion Brigade and the Lualdi Pokémon League, harrying them with vandalism to undermine their public credibility and even outright stealing their equipment and documents. She is known for leaving calling cards and gloating about her accomplishments, and she occasionally announces targets well in advance. Although she has been seen with Poké Balls on her person, none of her Pokémon have ever been caught on camera. Speculation points to using Pokémon that can easily avoid detection, such as certain Ghost-type Pokémon or something like Ditto.

Because she has not targeted the Lualdi Future Preservers, it is commonly believed that she is part of them.

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