Once an old, run-down hotel, the Stantler Inn has now become a popular hotspot for travelers and trainers from all around the region. The large building, being fifteen stories high, is home to many cozy rooms that any wayward visitor can stay in for as long as they need (after paying the notoriously stingy owner, of course). The exterior of the Stantler Inn is painted a light brown, and above the building in a bright, green neon light and cursive is the name of the inn, drawing in weary travelers from all across Lualdi.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Because of its popularity and location near where many newcomers to Lualdi enter into the region, the Stantler Inn also has a billboard where patrons can post "help wanted" requests. These "quests," as they're called, can range from asking for an escort to a dangerous area to obtaining a particular Pokémon or item for the patron. However, patrons don't expect interested parties to work for free -- they'll offer money, items, Pokémon, or other such things as a reward to anyone who helps them out.

Quests are cycled out every in-game month to make way for new ones.

Current Quests[edit | edit source]

None right now... The 2017 Festa dei Morti Event seems to be occupying everyone's attention, preventing Icarus Sorean from putting up new quests.

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