A large reddish-brown square made of stone in the heart of Spegna City is one of the foremost sources of income for this city: the Spegna Trading Square. With many market stalls catering to trainers, restaurants, and the occasional street performer, it is no surprise that this is place attracts many of the tourists and trainers that visit Spegna City. On the walls of the nearby buildings are colorful, medieval-esque coats of arms, serving as decoration to add to the atmosphere. The high level of activity in this area means that it has unofficially became the place where trainers in the city go to trade Pokémon with one another.

Trading SquareEdit

In the Trading Square, players and NPCs can trade away unwanted Pokémon for something they may want, be it items, other Pokémon, or spruzzo. In some cases, characters may even do giveaways to simply get rid of an unwanted Pokémon quickly. While no one is obligated to accept a trade request they dislike, overly picky would-be traders may find themselves disappointed more often than not.

Pokémon obtained in the Trading Square recognize their previous trainer as their Original Trainer, meaning an excessively high leveled Pokémon may not obey an unskilled trainer.

A.U.T.O. Pokémon Dispenser 2.0Edit

The old A.U.T.O. Pokémon Dispenser appears to be gone from the Spegna City Trading Square. In its place, a much shinier but no less depressed-sounding machine stands. Its unit number is GED-DAN915, marking it as one of the newest models that the A.U.T.O. Company has made. This machine allows a customer to pick a Pokémon type and then receive a randomly selected species of that type.

The price of the Pokémon depends on the level range that the user indicates. The wider the level range the user allows the machine to choose from, the cheaper it is -- at the cost of increasing the odds that they'll get something much lower leveled than they may have originally desired. However, the A.U.T.O. Pokémon Dispenser 2.0 will not allow someone to receive a Pokémon higher leveled than their highest level Pokémon. What Pokémon is received is entirely random, from ability to moveset to species. It is, at its heart, a gambling machine, and can be used multiple times at the peril of the customer's wallet.

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