In honor of Isabella Valuchi, whom our forerunners murdered during the Great War, we of Spegna City represent our fathers' Poisonous lies, and how we were justly crushed underfoot, like Bugs.

The interior of the castle that serves as the Spegna City Gym is lined with stern-looking portraits of the Lualdi Nine, their solemn gazes staring at whoever crosses through the torch-lit halls. The shadows through the halls as the fire crackles and snaps can almost make the portraits seem alive, though few tarry in the halls long enough to see this trick of the light. All the halls lead to the same place eventually: The castle courtyard, where all battles take place. Stairs extend to the castle battlements, and challengers are advised to make use of the vantage point that the battlements allow. As this castle is only deceptively medieval and was actually built rather recently, it is situated on the top level of the city, and the full brunt of the desert sun can weaken an unprepared opponent even faster than the Gym Pokémon accustomed to the heat.

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