Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Alessia "Riddel" Liok
Title Apocalypse Averter
Class Brigade Leader
Born September 15th
Died ???
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 132 lbs.
Skin Color Pale white
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black with bleached-blonde streaks
Family ???
Affiliation Apocalypse Aversion Brigade
Values Self-Direction, Universalism

Initially, Riddel was the pseudonym used by the mysterious leader of the Apocalypse Aversion Brigade. However, the antics of the criminal Starstealer revealed Riddel's identity to Lualdi at large as Alessia Liok, a relative nobody now forced underground by the spotlight cast on her activities. She regularly makes broadcasts and hijacks radio shows in hopes of rallying more to her cause, and members of the Apocalypse Aversion Brigade know her to be stubborn, serious, and absolutely unwilling to accept failure.

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