Rhee Barnes
Player Caroline
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Rhee "Rita" Barnes
Title Trizzica D'Crocio Vagrant
Class Psychic
Born November 12th
Died September 15th, 2019 (Determinant Timeline)
Gender Female
Height 5'00"
Weight 105 lbs.
Skin Color White
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Family ???
Affiliation ???
Values Self-Direction, Security

Rhee Barnes is sullen and taciturn, though mostly not by choice; she has been unable to speak since birth, and the few sounds she can make are mostly raspy and breathy in nature. Although she can sign, she has found very few people capable of understanding sign language, and she finds writing inconvenient for long-form communication in face-to-face conversations. As such, she primarily isolates herself and has few contacts to speak of, never mind friends. Rhee can go entire days without communicating with a single creature at all other than her loyal Growlithe, Procyon.

She lives in Trizzica D'Crocio, occupying a boarded-up townhouse that was abandoned by its former owners fleeing from Time's Scar. Rhee often leaves town to investigate Time's Scar or other local oddities herself, though she rarely stays for long.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rhee is scrawny and small-framed, barely over five feet in height. Her tendency to wear baggy clothes might make her seem slightly bigger than she really is, though in reality, all it does is mask how utterly frail-looking she is. Her limbs seem more like sticks than anything else, and her face having sharp, angular features to begin with might encourage comparing her to a skeleton. Despite owning a pair of glasses, Rhee generally forgets to wear them, as her eyesight is really only bad enough to impact her when reading something.

Rhee's brown hair is cut short, ending just at her shoulders. Her bangs tend to hang in her eyes, and she has green eyes that are heterochromatic in the center, so her pupils are surrounded by brown. She has several piercings -- lobe, helix, and eyebrow, and she favors silver colors for them. Otherwise, she doesn't wear jewelry or wear anything especially fancy or expensive. Rhee more prefers function over form, though her aesthetic overall leans towards muted colors, especially shades of grey, and she replaces clothes that are stained or that have holes in them.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Rhee has little interest in battling or training Pokémon for the sake of doing so, and she finds the notion of the Lualdi Pokémon League challenges laughable. She mostly keeps Pokémon for protection, watching her belongings when she's out of the house, and also for, loath as she is to admit it, companionship. Her first and presently only Pokémon is a slightly chubby Growlithe named Procyon.

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