Professor Hickory
Blasted exciting, isn't it?
Player Banquo
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Eugene Harvey Hickory
Title Professor
Class Gentleman?
Born August
Died N/A
Gender Male
Height 5'4
Weight  ???
Skin Color White
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color Grey
Family  ???
Affiliation Secret Base Society?
Values Discovery, Comfort, Analysis

Professor Hickory is a Pokemon Professor specializing in the study of the extraspatial phenomena known as "Secret Bases." Hailing originally from Fortree City in Hoenn, he's fascinated by the possibilities of these Pokemon-revealed pockets in the environment, whether mundane or mystical. Widely disregarded, but keen on establishing his own credibility, he travels the world in search of a breakthrough in his studies, and in order to catch more Pokemon... ultimately, hoping to find a place for a lab of his own, from which he might hand out fresh Pokemon to any aspiring young trainers-to-be.

Eccentric, boisterous, and at times gleefully childish, his insatiable quest for a legacy-making breakthrough may seem a fool's errand to some, but he takes it very seriously. During his studies, he had access to academy-provided Pokemon who knew Secret Power... but now, he's forced to conduct his studies by barging in on whatever Bases he can find in the wild.

Pokémon Edit

Despite claiming they're intended for the "sprouts of tomorrow," Hickory seems to value any catch dearly.

Fyodor, the Alolan GeodudeEdit

Lv. 5, Male, Jolly. Knows Tackle, Defense Curl, and Charge.

A gift from an old colleague, Fyodor shares the Professor's hunger for glory--as well as his hardheadedness. Without fail, he will attempt to provide his "consultation" on any problem the Professor cannot solve... whether verbally (completely unhelpful) or simply by taking action.

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