In honor of Fiore Vacaddi, champion of Primarrivo during the Great War, we of Port Zolfo represent her tenacity that could Fly above all obstacles, and the gentle guiding Fairy that brought her soldiers home.

The Port Zolfo Gym is a repurposed old lighthouse, the lamp at its summit lighting up whenever there's an active challenger on the Gym's ground floor. Though the outside of the Gym is worn and battered from countless years of storms, the inside is warm and well-maintained not by a legion of janitors employed by the Lualdi Pokémon League, but by the taciturn Gym Leader himself. The winding stone steps that go to its top of the lighthouse never have a single footprint on them due to his diligent cleaning. However, the Gym is often rather dark until the lighthouse's peak lamp goes turns on to indicate an ongoing challenge, making it a surprise to challengers just how many doors there are along the spiral staircase. Each door is locked tight, and rumors abound as to what might lie beyond them.

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