Port Zolfo is sometimes called the gateway to Lualdi and serves as the capital for the Primarrivo province. As the largest port city in the region, tourists and visitors from all over the world most often begin their Lualdi vacation in Port Zolfo. The whole city smells like the ocean, and strict anti-pollution laws have kept even the busiest docks and harbors clean. The waters surrounding Port Zolfo are teeming with surprisingly docile wild Pokémon that stick their heads out of the water in hopes of being dropped some food. Enough people in Port Zolfo own a boat of their own that there are "parking docks" for citizens' boats just as some cities might have public garages for cars. From enormous cruise ships whose arrivals and departures are heralded by signal horns to small, private fishing boats that bob up and down in the smallest of waves, Port Zolfo is truly a sailor's city.

Locations of Note[edit | edit source]

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