Parker Greene
Player Patrick
Campaign Unstuck In Time
Full Name Parker Alvin Greene
Title N/A
Class Photographer
Born November 23rd
Died N/A
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Skin Color White
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Noah Greene (Brother)
Affiliation Lualdi News Network
Values Direction

Parker Greene is high-strung and high-stress. He's, however, emotionally intelligent enough to hide it... usually.

As a photographer for the Lualdi News Network (the blog, not... the broadcast) he's often sent out on scoops he finds uneventful or boring, nothing worthy of making it to the live broadcasts, and is always wanting for more. He's generally unfulfilled and bored, but he bides his time with his camera. If he's not actively involved in something he's usually checking out his surroundings to get a feel for the lightning, the atmosphere, and the staging. He has one younger brother, Noah, who lives with his father. He doesn't have much in common with him; the two don't speak.

Appearance Edit

Parker is tall and lanky; at 5'10 and 165 lbs, he stands out in a crowd. He typically wears comfortable clothes in layers, even when it's warm out. Cardigans, oversized sweaters, and blazers are staple in his "look." V-neck t-shirts and skinny jeans complete the ensembles, typically with a worn sneaker or skate-shoe. His clothes are often dark, warm, fall colors: brown, orange, red, occasionally navy blue or olive green.

Parker's brown hair is usually styled in a quiff, cut short on the sides, but thick on top. He sports a pair of rectangular thick-rimmed glasses which he needs to see, so... they're pretty much always on. They frame soft brown eyes. Other than his glasses, he has no remarkable accessories or features unless his camera, almost always dangling from his neck, counts. He carries a backpack almost always, but the contents are pretty unsubstantial. A ntoebook for taking notes, a charger for his phone, and a pillow for Artemis in case she's riding in his bag or sleeping while he works.

Parker occasionally has dark circles around his eyes from staying up all-night on a story. He does his best to avoid it, but that's the nature of the job. As a result, when he appears on camera (as rare as that is), he has noticeably unmatched makeup hastily applied for blending. These splotches are sometimes present for days, but thankfully he isn't in front of the lens as often as he's behind it. Therefore, usually, he just looks very tired.

Pokémon Edit

Artemis, Parker's Eevee, has been with him his whole life. Up until now, she's never seen battle; she usually just clings to his head or is carried by him wherever he goes. She's sassy, stubborn, and is bonded so much to Parker she tends not to give others the time of day.

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