In honor of Alengradio Legro, champion of Selvaguen during the Great War, we of New Ragrussi represent his strength, stronger than Rock, and his Ghost, which continues to protect us.

"Impersonal" and "business-like" describe the New Ragrussi Gym best. Perhaps it's because the Gym hasn't been around for very long, or it could be due to the Gym Leader that oversaw its construction and continues to keep an eye on its maintenance, but the building just seems too clean and almost unused to be a location for Pokémon battles. There are no mars of any sort on the floor or walls; if a battle leaves such a mark, it's gone by the next day. The walls are a plain off-white color, and the floor is a hard metal meant to withstand even the fiercest of blows. Along with how there are filing cabinets, cubicles, and desks in the back of the Gym where the Gym's employees are often doing paperwork between overseeing League matches or cleaning up after them, it's easy to feel like the New Ragrussi Gym is more like an office than anything else.

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