In honor of Xavier Nessundo, the champion of Pioveri during the Great War, we of Nessundo City represent his Fighting spirit, and his matchless speed on the Grassy plains.

The canal of Nessundo Bluff pours directly behind the small, one-room Nessundo City Gym, and the entire open-air back of the Gym -- where battles take place -- is punctuated by the constant roar of the waterfall and has been likened to an enormous, meditative garden. A thin layer of mist settles around the pond, and the series of rocks and stony spires protruding from the water almost seem to beg for the daring to try and make their way across the pond without falling in. Swaying plains grass covers wherever water does not and grows especially thickly around the mesa's wall and the stone walls of the Gym themselves. All it takes is for a challenge to be issued to the Gym Leader, and the serene tranquility of the garden gives way to a thunderous Pokémon battle.

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