Volcanic activity hasn't been recorded in Mt. Enettivo or the surrounding area for the past nearly two centuries, yet all but the most skeptical of researchers have called its apparent "dead" status into question. The geology of Mt. Enettivo makes it difficult to thoroughly study and say conclusively whether or not it is even capable of erupting again, but the mountain and its surroundings look scorched from the last recorded eruption still -- everything is searingly white, like all color was burned off. Mt. Enettivo has few slopes or trails to speak of, and none of them go to the flat peak of the mountain. The jagged, column-like formations on the sides of the mountain resemble claw marks from a distance; it is by these columns that access to Mt. Enettivo is possible, for adept climbers can use these protrusions to access paths higher up on the mountain with the use of climbing equipment or leaps of faith. Warning signs are posted everywhere to not investigate Mt. Enettivo, though the leftover climbing equipment from previous forays up the mountain attests to how many have chosen to explore this odd volcano all the same.

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