In honor of Nadia Rasciela, the champion of Ienza during the Great War, we of Lossulli represent her unbridled passion, like that of Fire, and leadership, making even the most Normal into warriors.

The interior of the Lossulli Gym is a lowered arena surrounded by bleachers, stadium lights, and enormous display screens to show the ongoing fight from every angle. The hard, metallic floor of the Gym is designed to light up when struck, making it all the more dramatic when a Pokémon is knocked out or flung against the ground by its opponent. Whenever there's a challenge issued to the Gym Leader, spectators pour into the Gym and cheer their approval throughout particularly exciting matches. It's difficult to tell if challenges to the Lossulli Gym are a spectator sport because of the Gym layout itself, or if there are only viewers at Gym matches to see the dramatic and often-flirtatious antics of the notoriously flippant Gym Leader.

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