Keaton Engels
Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Keaton Engels
Title Gym Leader of Enghia City
Class Gym Leader
Born February 22nd
Died N/A
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 157 lbs.
Skin Color Olive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Family ???
Affiliation Lualdi Pokémon League
Values Hedonism, Universalism

The scruffy and unkempt appearance of Keaton Engels has led to numerous jokes about how the Lualdi Pokémon League must truly be desperate if they're recruiting hobos to serve as Gym Leaders. Keaton is laidback and seems like he'd rather spend time with his friends and fellow Gym Leaders Luke Antico and Delilah Arcsboro instead of do anything involving his job. Even during battles, Keaton seems to be disengaged and uninterested in what's going on, sometimes sarcastically quipping for challengers to hurry up and win already instead of calling out commands for his Pokémon. In the past, he would disappear from his Gym for days at a time, but the threat of losing his job has led to him more regularly being present when challengers need him.

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