Run by the George Hawberry Sr., his eight sons, and a multitude of employees, the Hawberry Farms have grown from a small, unassuming farm to a sprawling business. Their location near Port Zolfo makes them a popular first stop for aspiring Pokémon trainers that have recently come to Lualdi. In particular, the Hawberry family will give away a young Pokémon to anyone who doesn't already own one to cut down on their surplus population of Pokémon. Their selection is so vast that virtually any non-Legendary Pokémon can be found at the Hawberry Farms.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The fertile land of Primarrivo was a gift to the Lualdians in centuries past, and Giorggio Hawberry's farm is a testament to what a priceless gift it was. The Hawberry Farms are expansive and specialize in raising young Pokémon of nearly every species for aspiring trainers. The fields of Hawberry Farms are teeming with Pokémon just waiting for a new trainer, some of them even darting up to the fences to get a better look at their potential new owner. Anyone, even those who aren't Lualdi citizens, is welcome to ask for a Pokémon if they do not have one already; "Professor" Hawberry, as he's sometimes jokingly called, has more Pokémon than he knows what to do with, and his generosity means that many trainers in Lualdi got their first Pokémon from him.

Obtaining a Pokémon[edit | edit source]

New players who do not wish to start with a level 5 Pokémon of their own from their backstory may choose instead to get one at Hawberry Farms with the following stipulations:

  • A starter Pokémon cannot be a Legendary Pokémon.
  • The starter Pokémon will be in its lowest evolutionary form possible -- this includes baby forms.
  • The starter Pokémon will not know any egg, TM, or event moves.
  • In the case of species who can have more than one ability, the starter Pokémon's ability will be picked randomly. Dream World abilities are not eligible to be chosen.
  • In the case of species who could potentially learn more than four moves at level 5, the starting moveset will be randomly selected (with at least one damaging attack being guaranteed when possible).

Players who, for whatever reason, lose all of their Pokémon can also acquire a new one for free at Hawberry Farms with the above rules still in place.

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