Forrest Ward
Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Forrest Ward
Title Elite Four Member
Class Elite Four
Born August 4th
Died  ???
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 179 lbs.
Skin Color White
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey-white
Family  ???
Affiliation Lualdi Pokémon League
Values Self-Direction, Benevolence
Many environmental conservation efforts can be linked to Forrest Ward in some way. As one of the longest-term members of the Lualdi Pokémon League, he holds an enormous amount of sway and influence in its inner circles. He is known for venturing out into the wilderness himself in search of "new national parks," though he jokes that he keeps the locations of the best ones to himself so that they won't be despoiled by tourists. His overall "live and let live" demeanor makes him one of the more popular members of the League, albeit at the cost of certain media outlets and conspiracy theorists believing him to be too nice and that he has something to hide.

Those who win him over (a simple prospect for the mild-mannered and courteous) can easily learn a lot from him, as Forrest actually seems to take to mentoring anyone who is eager to learn. This has given him the affectionate title of "PokéPapà" throughout Lualdi.

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