In honor of Alzador Enghia, the champion of Mediterra during the Great War, we of Enghia City represent his flexibility, like that of Water, and limitless power, the roaring Electricity of the heavens.

The churning cogs and billowing steam characterize the Enghia City Gym. Repurposed from an old factory, the building has enormous smokestacks that spew wispy trails of smoke from time to time, and light streaming in through the windows illuminates old machines that no longer create anything but still continue to run with mechanical efficiency. The clinking of metal, the hissing of steam, and the groaning of machinery punctuate lulls in the clamor of battles that take place in the Gym. A large clock is built into the ceiling right above the battlefield, the face looming over challengers and Gym Leader alike as the hands slowly tick forward as they have for over a hundred years. 

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