The A.U.T.O. Leveling Facility represents a breakthrough in technological advancement: It is able to strengthen Pokémon as if they fought in a battle, but without actually making the Pokémon fight a real opponent. This towering skyscraper is constantly milling with activity, trainers filing in and out of its many rooms in order to utilize its facilities. The process is quick, uncomplicated and simple, but everyone is baffled by the passive aggressive and egotistical artificial intelligence that seems to "train" the Pokémon.

Using the A.U.T.O. Leveling Facility[edit | edit source]

Players may use the A.U.T.O. Leveling Facility with the following stipulations:

  • Up to two of a player's Pokémon can use the A.U.T.O. Leveling Facility in a visit.
  • A given player may only use the A.U.T.O. Leveling Facility once every in-game week.
  • If you train two Pokémon, they gain one level each. If you train only one Pokémon, it gains two levels.
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